Bad areas nashville

The area has an urban park with a playground for children and is home to the Belcourt Theatre. Hillsboro Village has many single-family homes available and has plenty of apartments for young professionals.

Known for its luxury shopping scene, Green Hills is one of the wealthier neighborhoods in Nashville, with several local celebrities known to own property in the area. Green Hills has everything from grocery stores and gas stations to restaurants and clothing boutiquesmaking it a prime location for convenient living.

The only downside is that the neighborhood can become congested during peak traffic hours. Luckily, those who live in Green Hills can easily get around on foot, since the majority of the places that people go to are in proximity of one another.

For a taste of the city that is lively and entertaining, head downtown. This area is where the honky-tonks line the streets, where several popular tourist attractions lie, and where the nightlife transforms Nashville into a town reminiscent of the Las Vegas strip. Considered one of the more eccentric areas of the city, East Nashville is a hub for laid-back creatives and diverse lifestyles.

The housing in East Nashville is mostly older homes with vintage flair, as well as duplexes and small apartments. The vibe of the area attracts many families and young adults because of its quirky character.

Nashville, TN Crime

Many families enjoy the 12 South neighborhood because of what it offers. Sevier Park is great for children, walking dogs or taking an afternoon jog with a baby stroller. A new banner is up for all to see! Four more days! Are you as excited as me??

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The historic city of Franklin, which is in the southern part of the greater Nashville area, has a charming downtown scene, which appeals to many people. Homes in the neighborhood are antique in quality, and the buildings all follow the same retro pattern. There are shops and restaurants like other areas, but downtown Franklin also holds many seasonal events throughout the year.

In the winter, Dickens of a Christmas is quite popular. Select currency. The Coolest Neighborhoods in Nashville. One of the great things about Nashville is that there are several different areas of the city, each with unique things to offer. The following neighborhoods top the list of the coolest because they enrich the lives of everyone who passes through or decides to call them home.

Hillsboro Village. Green Hills. East Nashville. Downtown Franklin. Read Next.Music City, as Nashville is often called, could easily steal the title of America's funkiest, hippest city. A patchwork of neighborhoods make up the town and encompass a fantastically fun music scene filled with hallowed country music stars and up-and-coming acts, to a nightlife that runs the gamut from boot stompin' honky tonks to sleek clubs.

Of the many neighborhoods' many highlights, the shining star may well be the eclectic dining scene -- innovative restaurants dot the region, often featuring farm-to-table menus and a laid-back vibe. From sights, to shops, to parks and more, we've sussed out Nashville's neighborhoods. Once known primarily as the city's business district, downtown Nashville's medley of attractions now draw tourists into the thick of the city.

The famed Ryman Auditoriumthe original home of the Grand Ole Opry, calls downtown home, and tours of the landmark building are available -- music lovers consider the Ryman a must-see icon.

The downtown district lies adjacent to the Cumberland River, and the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge allows walkers to cross the river, though the bridge's real highlight may be its excellent views of the downtown Nashville skyline -- perfect for photos or a romantic sunset stroll.

The District, short for downtown Nashville's historic district, encompasses the area around Broadway and 2nd Avenue. Don't let the "historic" aspect fool you; this corner of the city is more rockin' good times than a trip back in time. Hands down the pulsating heart of Nashville's nightlife, The District's restored buildings now house trendy restaurants, packed dance clubs and the city's famous honky tonk bars where bands big and small hit the stage for raucous country performances.

Spend an evening strolling along Broadway, popping into shops hawking cowboy boots and Stetson hats, then grab a cold beer and a burger at Robert's Western Worldone of The District's liveliest honky tonks.

Nashville's poster child for urban redevelopment, Germantown's 18 square blocks northwest of downtown have evolved from housing mostly derelict buildings in the s to currently containing some of the city's most charming and vibrant landscapes. The neighborhood originally housed the city's German residents and many of the restored homes and buildings date from the midth century. Today, Germantown lays claim to trendy loft apartment spaces, adorable coffee shops such as DrinkHaus Espresso Teaand superb restaurants including Monell's, offering traditional Southern "meat and 3" family-style meals, and the brilliant City Housewhich features creatively prepared rustic Italian plates.

A hotbed of jazz, blues and rhythm and blues from the s through the s, Jefferson Street faced a near downfall in the 60s, when an interstate I sliced through the neighborhood and desegregation sent the area's mostly African-American residents shopping in other, predominantly white neighborhoods.

Today, with a population that is 88 percent black, the neighborhood remains Nashville's social, economic and political hub for African Americans. Once upon a time, The Gulch neighborhood housed little more than abandoned warehouses and factory buildings. These days, those vast industrial spaces are being transformed to contain luxury apartments, sexy hotels, hip restaurants and clubs. While "trendy" seems to be The Gulch's middle name at the moment, escape the shiny scene to dive into an oldie but goody: The Station Inn.

Practically an institution, The Station Inn has been home to some of Nashville's best live bluegrass music for more than 30 years. Escape the tourists and honky tonks of downtown Nashville with a trip to 8th Avenue South, a neighborhood teeming with antique and vintage shops, ideal for an afternoon stroll and bargain shopping. A day of shopping can build up an appetite, and Eighth Avenue can satisfy even the hungriest bargain hunter.

Stop by Arnold's Country Kitchen for some down home eats, like the meat-and-three, then check out live music at the Douglas Corner Cafe or a comedy show at Zanies Comedy Night Club where famous acts such as Jerry Seinfeld have graced the stage.

What was once considered downtrodden, blighted territory just south of The Gulch, 12South, as it's called, is now one of Nashville's brightest new stars.

The city has laid new sidewalks and put up street lights, as young entrepreneurs have set up businesses and restaurants, like Katy K's Ranch Dressinga shop filled with designer cowboy buckles, boots and hats or Corrierri's Formaggeriaa cheese shop that could make a dairy lover weep with joy. Cap off a trip to 12 South with a visit to Las Paletas, which serves up gourmet Mexican popsicles. Located next to Vanderbilt University, the West End neighborhood, sometimes referred to as Hillsboro Village, is one of Nashville's more upscale enclaves.

Interesting boutique shops, high end dining options and a smattering of luxury hotels fill the area, but the West End also plays host to a rolicking night life, thanks in part to Vanderbilt's coeds. While in the neighborhood, stop by Centennial Park and the Parthenon -- yes, an actual, life-size replica of Greece's Parthenon sits in the urban park, and was built to commemorate Nashville's reputation as the "Athens of the South," due to the many universities located here.

So you wanna be a country music star? Hightail it to Music Row, along 16th and 17th Avenues, where you'll find the mecca of country music moguls and recording studios. The tree-lined boulevards lend a stately appeal to the area, and add to the mystique of making it big in Music City. Large homes along the route have been converted to form recording studios and the offices of record labels, public relations reps and music publishers.

Most tourists don't make the short journey across the Cumberland River from downtown to East Nashville, but those who do are in for a treat. The neighborhood lays claim to some of the city's funkiest bars, boutiques and cafes.Big city living isn't for everyone--but at the same time, urban areas certainly have their perks. There's the culture, the food, the arts, the food, the energy, and you know, the food. But there are drawbacks. There's traffic, expensive parking, expensive housing--pretty much, expensive everything, depending on which big city you're looking at.

But that's where the suburbs come in--they have all of the benefits of being near big cities, without actually having to be big cities. Of course, not all suburbs of Nashville are created equally, which is precisely why we set out to find the best ones.

So without further ado What's the best suburb of Nashville? If you happen to be a resident of Belle Meade, you're probably not too surprised to find it on the top our list. We'll tell you what makes each of these 10 Nashville 'burbs better than the rest--but first, a bit about our methodology. Note: This result may differ from our state wide data as we did not include commute times and crime for this analysis to allow for a larger selection of suburbs.

Or feel free to check out some more reading about Tennessee:. Belle Meade is always mentioned as one of the best suburbs in the Nashville area.

We'll tell you the good about "Awesome Belle Meade. And only 1. It ranks 4th for incomes in the area and only 1. Here in Brentwood, it's really safe, and residents are just about as rich as you'll see in the Nashville metro area.

The bad side? Schools are more crowded, and the cost of living puts a large part of the city out of reach for most families. You won't find many better places to raise your kids in the region than in Nolensville and the schools are some of the best around.We'd prefer to stay in areas around and in downtown, as well as areas out to Vanderbilt but want to be sure we're not in a bad spot. This is a tough one to answer.

Nashville has see unprecedented growth over the last years and a huge resurgence of formerly rough neighborhoods over the last That said, from our experiences on here, the vast majority of house rentals tend to be in or very, very close to some sketchy areas. Those who rent homes often buy dilapidated houses and either renovate them or knock down and build a new.

These homes are typically located in areas we wouldn't necessarily consider the most desirable zip codes as they are cheap to buy and flip. That all said, it is not advantageous to you for us to recommend an entire safe neighborhood to look in. We can then give you our honest opinions on the location.

I would focus near Vanderbilt University. West End Avenue.

bad areas nashville

Green Hills Mall. Belle Meade. Some of these areas may not have an ordinance allowing in-home rentals, but I would get as close as possible. I highly recommend asking for the cross streets and using google earth satellite view to navigate at street level around the area. I completely agree with Downola - it's really hard to say if the area you are in is safe. For instance, I live in East Nashville. My street seems to have a "bubble" around it and is the perfect spot to stay if you're looking for a safe area.

However, about 4 blocks down, it's not the same story. You just never know. But yes, give us some options you're considering and we can give you the thumbs up or down. Before then, I would have told Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal to avoid the area, but today, I wouldn't have any problem recommending the area - assume it's one of the new construction units that have gone in.

bad areas nashville

As always, be aware of your surroundings and stay on your toes and you shouldn't have any issues. I wouldn't pay to stay in what is currently being touted as 'authentic' Nashville, but your mileage may vary. Thanks for helping us out of towners!

bad areas nashville

What about new condos Heaven at Archer St and 12th? That's a meh area. I probably wouldn't stay there. Maybe 10 years from now once developers raze the entire surrounding area and build up nothing but townhomes and condos. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Watch this Topic.

Browse forums All Browse by destination. Nashville forums. All forums. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Nashville? See all. Grand Ole Opry Admission Ticket. Destination Expert for Nashville.Photo by: Metro Nashville Parks. Flagship Street: Belle Meade Boulevard. The Neighbors: A mix of big money and old money with a few surprising pockets of modest homes.

Mostly families but increasingly, empty nesters. Some complain that as the Green Hills demographic has trended northward, big name luxury stores have edged out homegrown businesses like hardware stores, garden stores and art supply stores. The Neighbors: Mostly high-income families but apartment complexes and some student housing spice up the mix.

Photo by: Kerry Woo Photography. Late 19 th and early 20 th century mansions line its major streets, while starter cottages cluster on the lanes. Median home prices hover around the million-dollar mark, and even smaller cottages can surprise with their price.

Location and history account for it: just a couple of miles from town, with porches, sidewalks, medians, historic designation and strong neighborhood associations. The area is so attractive and walkable that it has become the Halloween neighborhood.

Neighborhoods in Brief in Nashville

A few buildings have security. Residents can walk to three or four nearby schools. The condos sell to busy singles who want a short drive and no lawn. A few fixer uppers remain. Like Richland, a streetcar suburb. The mansions are typically American Foursquare or Tudor, and like Richland, the smaller streets typically are lined with s cottages. Belmont is within walking distance of the buzzy restaurants and shops of 12South, the moniker of choice for the hip district along several blocks of 12 th Avenue South, and of Hillsboro Village.

Flagship Street: Belmont Boulevard is flat, with wide bike lanes and boulevard-style sidewalks, making it popular with athletes and families. The street is home to two universities, three schools and several day care centers.

The route for the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon brings runners down the boulevard, turning the neighborhood into a sidewalk party each April. The Neighbors: Young families with the money to buy and fix an aging mansion.

Artsy types. This area is solidly Democratic and politically active.According to the most recent census data, Buena Vista Heights looks to be the worst neighborhood in Nashville.

Read on to see how we determined the places around Nashville that need a pick-me-up. Looking for places to avoid outside of the city? You can also check out the worst suburbs of Nashville. To figure out how bad a place is to live in, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like and then decide what places have the least amount of those things.

We threw the following criteria into this analysis in order to get the best, most complete results possible. We used this set of criteria for each neighborhood in Nashville:. Then, we ranked each neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee for each of these criteria from worst to best.

Read on below to learn more about these terrible places around Nashville to live. Or skip to the end to see the list of all 88 neighborhoods ranked from worst to best.

This list is a scientific analysis based on real data and is completely unbiased. Hold on to your pants. Well there you have it — the worst of the neighborhoods in Nashville with Buena Vista Heights landing at the bottom of the pack. Green Hills takes the cake as the best place to live in Nashville.

This was terrible and I can tell your not from Nashville. Did you really just rate rosebank as being worse then Mcferrin park? South inglewood? Definitely a transplant. Any suggestions? Did they clean it up? Should Capital View be on this list? It is being totally redeveloped aka North Gulch — expensive and trendy.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.She is just kind of throwing a dart at the map. They are in their late 20's and she is just out of college already been in and out of the military. She has made the "ghetto" mistake when living in a bad area of Omaha, NE where the police wouldn't even venture when their house was broken into and vandalized.

She really wants to avoid moving to areas of town with high crime. Eventually she wants to buy a farm and work as an organic farmer selling her items at the farmers market and local restaurants which is why she choose Nashville as opposed to Chatanooga or Knoxville. Somewhere she found information about large farmer's markets in Nashville. She is kind of going into this blind so any help from local folks would be greatly appreciated.

Any ideas of what area of town would be best for them to check in to? Tripadvisor typically shuts down threads about relocating pretty quickly, since the forum is supposed to be limited to travel-related discussions.

However - I just wanted to point out that Nashville is now on Google Street views. Anyone interested in finding out more about certain neighborhoods before their visit or move can use Street Views to take a virtual "tour" of any area in the city.

I would just stay away from the Murfreesboro Rd area, close to Nashville. I am not sure what you mean by south east of town and when I look on the map it would be toward Murfreesboro.

She may even want to consider Laverge which is just right outside of Nashville.

Best Nashville Suburbs To Live For 2020

I would have to have Walgreen's address to really pinpoint the area. There are many streets in nashville i would not want to live on. There are many areas that are safe but have a street or two in them I would not live on.

I would avoid Antioch. I lived there 10 years ago and it was fine. It is no longer the good part of town. I would suggest Cool Springs or Brentwood. Hermitage would be a third choice. Ditto Bobobeagle on Antioch. I live about an hour away from Nashvillebut get the Nashville paper and television news.

So do Dickerson Road and Murfreesboro Road areas. I have a friend who lives in Bellview, which is out from west Nashville on a map, follow West End Avenue out from town it changes names as it goes out, I think. It will go through the Belle Meade area, which is lovely but you pretty much need to be filthy, stinking rich to buy there, and out to the Bellview area.

That area seems to have nice houses, nice condos, nice apartments and all the "stuff" you need, i. I have priced condos in the Green Hills area and the Vanderbilt area, and some are surprisingly affordable for those desirable areas. Nashville is a very, very friendly city, so I wouldn't hesistate to strike up conversations with people - in a checkout line, at the makeup counter, in Starbucks, whereever - and ask opinions about different areas of town.

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Moving to Nashville, need help with area to avoid.

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